Thursday, 31 July 2008

Small Stump

Small Stump sells these lovely bark tubes which you can put your plants in, and these little fake mossy pebbles which looks like the real thing, except without the creepy crawlies and you can add a couple of these to a little group of the birch bark sets to create a woodland in your own home.

Tamar's Dreamcatchers

Tamar's dreamcatchers are just what I need to brighten up my home

Rutsu's Bears

Another wonderful Etsy find, these lovely handmade bears are the work of Rutsu.  If there is a bear you like you can request one for yourself.  I love these little fellas.


I first found PataPri on Etsy last year where she has had much success and for good reason as you can see above her designs are so colorful and fun.  I love the simplicity of her designs and the colors work so well together.  

Tuesday, 29 July 2008


Beautiful colorful cushions and clothing made from Stine who owns Lutterlagkage, she has has recently moved from Denmark to Malmo, Sweden.  Her shop is closed at the moment but Im hoping its only temporary - but you can still see her wonderful work on her flickr site.  

Bethan Lloyd Worthington

On my day trip to Manchester the other day I came across an artist called Bethan Lloyd Worthington.  Her work was displayed at Urbis, and it really caught my eye, so when i got home I went to check out her website which you can see here.  Her work is so delicate and beautiful,  she has a really lovely drawing style too.  The top two images are entitled Accounting for non Accountants -  created during an artist's block and being faced with spreadsheets and accounting books upon beginning her business, she was inspired to create these really interesting pieces.  The next few images are of work inspired by a long trip to northern Norway and the last image is of a commission entitled The Kidnap.  Bethan has many more works of art available to see on her website and I suggest you check it out as there are some really wonderful creations with interesting inspiration.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Ellie Evans

Yesterday we took the train to Manchester to go and see the new Batman film at the IMAX.  Afterwards, we wandered about Manchester and I saw some wonderful work by Ellie Evans in the Urbis foyer.  The beautiful hand embroidered handkerchief was a commission which Ellie did for a private client.  I think it is a really beautiful idea.  Her work is really unique  and full of memories.  I first saw Ellie's work when she had a stall at Urbis Christmas Markets in Manchester where I had a stall too.  So here is some of her lovely work.

Berkeley Illustration

Last night with the weather being so clement for a change, we decided to have a few beers in our back garden, as it was getting dark we were visited by a cute little spiny character.  Being a bit of a nature-lover the hedgehog made our evening, he came tootling back and forth all evening sniffling for bugs as we watched him by candlelight, he was only a foot or two away from my feet - a brave little urban hoglet!  We have lived in the same house for over two years and never seen him before, he is probably wandering about our garden every evening and we didn't even know it! So here are a few nature inspired prints from an artist I really love, Ryan Berkeley, who I found on Etsy some time ago (I already have three of his prints but I would love all the animal prints to fill a whole wall in my house - perhaps that would be a little bit wierd!).

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Bag and Belly

I first came across Bag and Belly last year via her flickr site.  Bag and Belly is the business of Nina Janssen from the Netherlands, who also works as a freelance costume designer and you can see from these wonderful bags that she has a wonderful eye for detail and creative needlework.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Abigail Brown

I originally found these wonderfully cute creatures on Myspace.  They are made by talented UK designer Abigail Brown.  There are a lot of plush toys about but these are some of my favorites.  I just love the colors and textures and the wonderful faces on these wonderful woodland woolly mammals and birdies.

Thomas Doyle

I found these amazing and unique creations by Thomas Doyle on the Craftzine blog.  I love the settings and the compositions of these pieces -very dream-like, and kind of voyeuristic.  Thomas Doyle lives and works in Brooklyn, New York and has exhibited these wonderful small scale pieces at many exhibitions over the last few years.

Monday, 21 July 2008


As I am full of cold after a weekend away, I will just quickly show you these gorgeous items from new online store
Lama before I retire to my bed.  I found this lovely store through the fabulous Bloesem blog.  Lama specialises in selling items made by South American designers and there are some beautiful products instore.  Above are some of my favorites.


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