Sunday, 27 July 2008

Berkeley Illustration

Last night with the weather being so clement for a change, we decided to have a few beers in our back garden, as it was getting dark we were visited by a cute little spiny character.  Being a bit of a nature-lover the hedgehog made our evening, he came tootling back and forth all evening sniffling for bugs as we watched him by candlelight, he was only a foot or two away from my feet - a brave little urban hoglet!  We have lived in the same house for over two years and never seen him before, he is probably wandering about our garden every evening and we didn't even know it! So here are a few nature inspired prints from an artist I really love, Ryan Berkeley, who I found on Etsy some time ago (I already have three of his prints but I would love all the animal prints to fill a whole wall in my house - perhaps that would be a little bit wierd!).

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