Sunday, 3 November 2013

Colourways: Neons

I've been a massive fan of neon since I was 11 years old and my mum bought be a bag from duty free  on the cross-Channel ferry. It was black with 'Paris' scrawled on it in neon pink.  I thought I was the bees knees with this bag, despite the fact it was a 'shopper' which only mums and grannies used in those days, I used it as my school bag for all of 2 days before someone from the popular crowd pointed out it looked like a mummy's bag.  I was devastated, especially as I thought I had a bag everyone else would be envious of!  But my love of neon never died and here is a little celebration of my love of the brightest colours that take me back to the beginning of the 90's, bought up to date ...

Via Purlbee

From Holly Becker's Blogging your Way

Napkins From Smith Handmade

Hunk Home

Weego Home

Via SF Girl By Bay

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