Monday, 10 November 2008

A Totally Scroogeless Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and normally I am very much a "bah humbug" type of gal.  I'm a total grinch - I hate the way the Christmas season now seems to start in September, I hate Christmas No.1's and Christmas TV,  I don't decorate our house (admittedly we don't actually spend Christmas Day there), I cannot stand that Pogues Christmas song that always seems to be played endlessly for the 3 months before and after Christmas. And above all, I am always totally unprepared and do my best to bury my head in the sand until the last possible moment - you can always find me racing around the stores at 4.55pm on Christmas Eve after leaving all my Christmas shopping to the last minute. 

But all that changed the moment I saw these lovely little smily faces - I was suddenly filled with Christmas spirit and goodwill to all men etc etc so Belladia (wonderful creator of these little pinecone people) you have inspired me to make a pre-Christmas resolution.  This year I will be organised, I will be cheerful, I will decorate my house and I will bountiful of christmas cheer - I may even sing a Christmas Carol or two!

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Cassi said...

Oh, that is such a nice thing to say! Thank you! I admit that the holiday season tends to be just one big ball of stress for me but every year I try to do better by simplifying and telling myself to relax :) If you are interested in making your own pine cone girls I contributed a tutorial for them to the Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Crafts issue. Thanks again for your sweet words, you've made my day!


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