Thursday, 13 November 2008

Les Petites Emplettes

When I was in San Francisco this Autumn I bought one of the lovely Paumes books - Atelier Des Filles 2, which showcases the work and workplaces of French female designers, craftspeople and artists.  I haven't been able to put the book down since - it has so many wonderful pictures and creations.  One of the designers featured in the book was Les Petites Emplettes, whose work you can see above.  I love the neutral colors and simplicity of her style - using the traditional print blocks to create a very contemporary design and certainly not out of place in international design magazines - which is probably why she has been featured in many! Go check her wonderful work.


raining sheep said...

Beautiful, I love block printed things. I will definitely check this out.

Kyoko said...

I love many of the French crafts! 2 years ago I visited Paris but I as I can't speak a word of French I couldn't explore craft things enough!
Beautiful creations!

Pecos Blue said...

Very nice and I like the simplicity.


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