Monday, 3 November 2008

Now Panic...

..and Freak Out!! I found this great new version on Threadless of the Keep Calm design which was originally issued in Britain by the Ministry of Information at the outbreak of WWII.  

The Keep Calm design was used in a time when the good old British 'stiff upper lip' mentality was abound and when we were seriously in the s*** and before the crazy world of media got in such a frenzy and hyped all the country's doom and gloom up so much that people will soon be terrified to leave their houses for fear of the credit crunch, the economic meltdown, the various reigns of terror, Bruce Forsyth's dogs being dognapped ...the list goes on! 

The media seem so keen to impress upon us the economic armageddon which is about to fall upon us that I think the new design by talented designer Olly Moss, is much more prevalent now!  Can you believe his design is selling for just $15 - I got to get me one of these - I'll don my new T-shirt and if I am subject to another dose of GMTV's 'Britain at Boiling Point' I'll put on my fab new t-shirt and gather all my possessions together and go live in the air raid shelter in our back yard and wait for certain death (seriously, we do have an original WWII shelter in our yard - although it doesn't look like it'd give you much protection -even against the credit crunch!)


Louise said...

This would be perfect to wear at work on most days! Its great!

J!mm Souvenir said...

great idea!!


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