Monday, 8 November 2010

My favourite weather is bird chirping weather...

Today is seriously lacking in bird song, the wind howling down the chimney is making glad to be indoors today.

I'm back from my last week of filming in Bath, its all happened so quickly, I cant believe the filming for the first series is already over. I had one of the best (and possibly one of the most stressful) weeks in Bath filming. I cant believe I hadn't set foot on Bath soil before, its a truly stunning place - the architecture, the shops, the countryside and the people were all fantastic - the only thing about Bath that wasn't wonderful was the Hilton, but thats too boring to moan about (suffice to say £20 per day for Wifi!!! and another £20+ day to park a car etc etc)

Now its unfortunately back to the reality of finding a job and sorting my life out in general. In the meantime however, I have a few lovely new things to share with you. A random choice, but a pretty one nevertheless!

link - adorable ceramic brooches

link I agree wholeheartedly. Today is sadly not bird chirping weather, more gale force winds and hiding indoors weather!

link - I just bought this little guy, I'm allergic to real dogs but this little dude can sit on my sofa without making me sneeze!

link - for everything owl related check out this link
link - I think I need to start a plate wall and this would be centre-stage

link - along with this imposing fella!

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