Sunday, 24 October 2010

Some other things I liked recently

My 'office' aka spare bedroom is a pigsty, I always have in my mind how it should look, calm and organised and somewhere I would love to work, kinda like these pics above. (Sorry, I coudnt find the link to where I found these, if its yours let me know!)

I'd fill the office with lovely things like these lovely handpainted stones (again, sorry lost the link to these, my imgfave is playing up - if they are yours let me know as I would love to credit you) and this cute postcard ceramic tray, and i would be a very content lady!

I'd have a load of neat storage like this via Designsponge
With a reclaimed wooden wall like this one via Designsponge
And some all year round garlands like these

And this guy would be an obligatory addition to my new office!

In my new imaginary office I would be wearing a load of cool clothes (not my bobbly jumpers and falling to pieces handmade wares) like this t-shirt which I am pretty much loving via Print Pattern

I would team the t-shirt with these hand-drawn cute and colourful beasts from MerylMuchesMacaroni on Etsy. Coming to think of it, I have some fabric markers, maybe its time to break'em out, although Im sure the results would not be as hot as these lovely lookers!


3windows said...

Me too !!!!

flock of tea cosy said...

Wow I love those wall garlands....


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