Sunday, 24 January 2010

I'm on the hunt....

(pic from Domestic Diva)

... for free sewing machines (I know it's a really big ask!!).  I'm wanting to do more textile workshops this year and having sewing machines makes it possible to do so many more workshops.  If anyone has any suggestions of where I may be able to procure myself a few machines please let me know. 

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Louise Elizabeth said...

Hi Lucia - Hope that you are well :)

I have a contact called Roger Hitchin who supplies reconditioned sewing machines to companies and students. He has many machines and would be able to set you up.

They are not free but are probably some of the best lower priced ones that you will find - Singer 201 basic machines all serviced and ready to go for £50 each. Berninas are some of the most long lasting machines and you can get them reconditioned from Roger from £150 upwards.

If you would like his number send me an e-mail and I'll pass it on to you.



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