Monday, 3 January 2011

I have had my head in the clouds ...

... for the last couple of weeks, eating drinking and generally being merry and not giving two hoots about work or 'to do' lists, so it was with a nasty jolt that I came right back down to earth today and realised I have got a to do list about a mile long and I can bury my head in the sand no longer! There are so many things to organise this year, my wedding, honeymoon, my website, my pie in the sky ideas for a new business, new workshops, designs for my forthcoming store and hundreds upon hundreds of mundane things like diets, exercise and tax (yuck!).

Before I embark on writing up my 2011 'to do' list (which is I fear is more of a novel than a short story) I will procrastinate further by showing you some things I saw online recently which I liked.

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