Saturday, 1 January 2011

Christmas Crackers

One of the big pluses of having my own blog is that when it comes to Christmas and family and friends are asking what I would like for Christmas I can just direct them to the Bettyjoy blog, as pretty much everything I show on this blog are things I would love to own. This Christmas my lovely boyfriend pulled out the stops and got me these fab gifts, some of which I had been after for ages and a few were super surprises.

I also got lots of lovely gifts from my family and my boyfriend's family including a bird chirping clock (can't wait to say 'its quarter past Chaffinch' or 'five to Barn Owl'), a gorgeous sewing box and my first power tool! A drill, which I am super excited about as I have a whole heap of projects which were just waiting for a good drillin'!

My favourite present of all this Christmas was something my boyfriend made for me, which i will show to you soon - its too good to keep to myself. Its a book cover for my first as yet unwritten kid's book, which I stupidly wanted to call Salty Sea Mouse Does It Again (I have no idea what the ol' Sea Mouse would get up to and or he was going to do again!!)

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