Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Bedroom on a budget

We've been in our current house for about 6 months and although we are getting there decorating-wise, we still have a lot to do. The bedroom is one room which hasnt had much TLC since we moved in and so with that in mind, I am putting together a 'bedroom on a budget' post to inspire you if you are planning a low-cost makeover for your little nest too.

The DIY bed

There are numerous versions of the excellent pallet bed on the internet but here are a couple of my favourites:

If pallets are not your thing, there are plenty of other ways to make yourself a bed from scratch, two bookcases on their side, side by side with a mattress on top gives you not only an instant bed, but also storage space underneath. Alternatively, why not build a scaffolding 4-poster, like this one:

The DIY headboard

There are so many ways to create your own headboard for a fraction fo the cost of buying one, here are just a few:

Also, you could use fabric/scarves hung down from a curtain pole, paint your own frame on your wall, use pallets again, painted trellis, DIY large artwork, window panes, shutters...the list is endless.

Under-bed storage

Or what about dis-used drawers with castors attached to the bottom - the front of the drawers could be painted to match the bedroom color-scheme.

The DIY bedside table
How about a stack of suitcases, a stack of books, an old vintage chair, a little step-ladder, an old food-crate...here are some more

DIY Bedside light ideas

(you can stiffen lace by using starch - link)

I love this idea, I'm a huge fan of globes but I don't know if I could dismantle one of these bad boys, maybe only if one of them was damaged, them this would be a fab project.

Rug ideas

If these aren't your style you can paint existing rugs, make rag rugs from old t-shirts, printed cardboard shapes, felt pom-pom rugs, macrame rope rugs,

curtain/blind ideas
I recently made a pair of lovely no-sew curtains using just hemming tape and muslin fabric (and an iron of course!)

There is no end to the type of fabric you can use for curtains - sari material, flour sacks, vintage hankies, vintage bedding, tea-towels, or you could make ribbon curtains using ribbons, of course, and anything else you can think of attached to threads hanging down - spool bobbins, fabric circles and more. Or paper like this:

OK, so I have to be up early tomorrow so I'm signing off for today - there is plenty more to come on the bedroom front, so I'll be back with more later this week.


Jane Housham said...

Oh, too much, too much!! I think I'm going to die of a pleasure/stimulus overload.
Thank you for that...

Jane H

Jane Housham said...


Furthermore... I just found the above amazing desk of books.

Jane H

3windows said...

love love love your blog ..... lotsa eye candy..........
and inspiration to boot....
u r a star !x


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