Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Whirl It Lampshade

I came across the lovely Norwegian knitting blog, Pickles, the other day and found this fantastic tutorial for this gorgeous lampshade.  I made mini versions of this for x-mas decorations which I had seen on Martha Stewart but never thought about making a larger version like this.


Mandy Crooks said...

This is fantastic, my mother made lampshades like this in the 60's. Hers were string hardened with some glue and then painted. What is yours made of?

Bettyjoy said...

This one wasn't made by me (they were made by the very talented Pickles - you can click on the link on the blogpost).

I had a go at some much smaller ones previously with wallpaper paste, but not as successful as this one. but it seems she used the same sort of method as your mum - wool/string and coated in glue. I love it:)


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