Thursday, 25 February 2010

...been burgled

OK, so this week is quickly becoming top of my list of crap weeks!! Some traumatic stuff at work and lots of difficult things to deal with, topped off today by coming home to find I had been burgled! Don't normally use this blog for my ranting but I'm so fed up!

Anyway, my laptop was one of the things they stole and so I may not be able to blog as often for the next few days/weeks, but I will do my best to commandere people's computers when I can.


Honeyspy said...

Oh nooooooo I'm sorry to hear this. Sorry about your crappy week. Well, just think - it's gotta get better from here. :(

Anonymous said...

aw, that really sucks! things must pick up for you soon... *offers chocolate for medicinal purposes*

Anonymous said...

Oh! So sorry to hear that! Some weeks just simply suck, and yours seems to win the lot! :(
Thought that today might be the perfect day to let you know that I love your blog and your work! You never fail to inspire me! ;)
Hope things get sorted soon!
Adriana X

Fancy Elastic said...

oh no, you poor thing, how horrible. Hope the weekend is better!

Louise said...

So sorry to hear about ur crappy week.
We got in to work this morning to find that it had been burgled too...every laptop except mine...i think they saw the messy desk and thought...hmmm not going near there...


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