Sunday, 6 September 2009

Elizabeth Demos - @ home

During my regular read of Decor8 blog I came across this absolutely wonderful moodboard creation by Elizabeth Demos. I was struck by the wonderful color combinations and use of the rustic old frame.  Elizabeth has recently opened an event planning business on top of an already very successful and wonderful looking looking vintage home store in Savannah.  Shops like @home make me wish I lived in America!  When I went to America last year I visited a few thrift stores and antiques/vintage places in Texas and they are well and truly heads and shoulders above our UK shops - there just seems to be so much quality vintage homewares/fashions etc on offer over there. (moodboard pic via Decor8 others via Dear Daisy Cottage)

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Liz Demos said...

I'm the daughter of a Brit so I feel especially honored to be blogged about in GB. My many visits to England have no doubt guided my taste, design style, love of color & surfaces since childhood. Thanks for sharing my shop and new venture with your readers.

Liz Demos
vintage general


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