Friday, 17 April 2009

Kawaii Aye Lads!!

A bit of a belated post but as is my motto - better late than never, back in March it was Ned Rose Day, an annual fun day in the UK spent raising money for people less fortunate than ourselves.  As I was working in a local primary school, the teachers had to customise an item of clothing or accessory at home and come to school in it on ned Nose Day.  I had a pair of vile shoes that I bought in a moment of madness and so they were the victims of my customisation - I tried drawing designs on them at first as they were a horrid off white color but that frankly looked like a dogs dinner so I started messing about with my left over kawaii tape and old beads I bought in a fantastic shop in Mitte in Berlin ages ago and this was the gaudy but fun result - the children loved them and made me do a hideously embarrassing catwalk through the assembly hall to show 'em off - For sure I ain't no Kate Moss!


snappysausage said...

haha, these babies are fantastic!!x

Fancy Elastic said...

these are absolutely brilliant... i love them!

Bettyjoy said...

Thank you snappysausage and fancyelastic - although I'd feel a bit silly wearing them round town:)


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