Thursday, 5 March 2009

Bettyjoy is back

Wow! Sri Lanka is such a beautiful place - its so verdant it is the essence of tropical - jungle and foliage in every shade of green you can imagine, turquoise seas, golden sands, colorful birds and lots and lots of wonderful smiles. The people were really friendly although we did end up parting with rather a lot of rupees! We went to some fantastic places, to the mountains and tea plantations, on safari where we saw elephants and crocodiles and even a mongoose - I didnt know what they looked like before, and of course we headed for the beach too, to bake ourselves lobster-red the way the English know how! 

On our last night we splashed out  (or I should say my kind boyfriend did!) on one night in a fancy place called Apa Villas- Oh my god! I never thought I would ever stay somewhere so fantastic.  Someone described it as a little slice of heaven, and it was just that.  The most relaxed I think I have ever been.  I wanted to call my mum and tell her to ship over my belongings and tell her I'm not coming home! 

But unfortunately that wasn't an option, so I am back now and getting back into the swing of things and will be shortly getting up to date with my postings!

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