Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Baileys - Recycled Chic

I was peeking at a few other blogs this evening and came across Baileys, via Chocolate Creative.  Baileys looks like the sort of place I could spend days and days - there is such a lot to see and all of it looks pretty inspiring and the sort of goodies I'd love to fill my home with.  What's more, Baileys have published a book, entitled Recycled Home, providing creative and chic recycling ideas for your home.  If you are lucky enough to live anywhere near Bridstow then you can go and have a nosy at their bricks and mortar business and even have a coffee in the coffee shop ( bottom pic).


Julia said...


I have just spent ages looking through your blog, what gorgeous and inspiring pictures! Im going to have to add you to my list so I can come and see what other marvellous things you've found!
Love the look of Baileys, what a fab place!!

Ps; just wanted to let you know, my little girl totally loves her little purse that I got from you at the fair on saturday, takes it everywhere with her :)

See you soon
Julia xxx

Kate@ChocolateCreative said...

Hi Bettyjoy! Thanks for nice write up about the Chocolate Creative blog. Keep up the great blog, it's going straight on my list of favourites, xx Kate Chocolate

zoe said...

Wow what a great place!


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