Friday, 9 January 2015

Lilla Rogers MATS A course

Here are a few of the assignments I did for the Lilla Rogers course in the Autumn.  It was a fantastic course and really helped me find my style.  There were some incredible artists on the course which was a bit daunting but I think it helped in a way, you don't want to be the most accomplished designer on the course or you havent got so much to aim for.  With all the awesome working flying about, it was so inspiring and made me try that bit harder!

Suzani-inspired tableware

Bird Life

Hare and Tortoise bookcover


Cosy said...

Lovely to see you in the blogosphere again. Your designs are gorgeous!


Bettyjoy said...

Thanks Carolyn! I've just started ABSPD Module 2 this week so I'll have to try and keep posting this time instead of going AWOL on the blog again:)


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