Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Tigerprint Competition - Mother's Day Florals

Boosted on by the great time I'm having creating patterns and playing with colour on the ABSPD course, I've entered the Tigerprint Mother's Day Floral competition today with these 2 card designs.  Which do you prefer?  UPDATE: I made it to the shortlist (yay!) but no further (boohoo!)  Better luck next time I hope.


ric-rac said...

The brighter one although both are GORGEOUS - good luck : )

Bettyjoy said...

Thank you:) I think the bright one is my favourite too - much prefer bright colours -much more cheery!

Dezyman said...

Brighter one for me too! :)

Bettyjoy said...

Thanks Dez:) its much more cheerful isn't it:)
Hope you and Becky are both well xx


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