Monday, 6 January 2014

Trending: Pom poms

Traditionally, pom-poms were simple creations made by children but they seem to be having a bit of a grown-up renaissance at the moment.  Pom-poms are being turned into all manner of homewares and used to decorate clothing and accessories and have recently been seen on the catwalk too.  Join the trend by adding these fluffy delights to scarves and blankets, turn them into garlands, poufs or necklaces and even make chandeliers from them.  Have you jumped onto the pom-pom train yet?  

Pom-pom fashion

Pom-pom pouf

Pom-pom scarf

Pom-pom garland

Pom pom chair

Pom-pom flowers

Pom-pom chandelier


Jans Schwester said...
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Jans Schwester said...
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Jans Schwester said...

I ♥ pompoms!
I made a pompom in december every day, till christmas...24 Pompoms!


Bettyjoy said...

What a great idea! I'll have to try and remember that for next December. I love making them. Maybe if I made one everyday for the year, I could make an enormous garland for the tree!

jnew said...

Hi Bettyjoy:
I fell in love with pom poms last summer when we visited Peru. I brought home as many as I could, and have tried many versions of pom pom makers over the past year. I have been stumped in trying to replicate the dense, stiff, stand-up on its own type of pom that I found in Peru. I've determined that it is my type of yarn. Mine end up soft and wimpy - no matter the amount of yarn I put into it. Do you have experience with making the poms as shown in your photos? Would love any tips you can share. Many thanks!!

Bettyjoy said...

When I make them I use a thickish yarn but I think the main key is to then make sure sure to trim the pom pom right down afterwards with scissors - giving it a haircut all over taking off up to 1cm all over which seems to make it nice and dense looking. Hope that helps??

Jackie said...

Hi, I love your pom pom chair. Did you make all of those pom moms? Amazing. How did you stick them to the chair - I am thinking about doing this for my daughter as we are redecorating her bedroom and she would love this. Thank you! :-)


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