Wednesday, 2 October 2013

UK Maker Spotlight #1 Katharine Morling

The first in a new series of posts, I've decided to highlight a great UK designer maker each week.  I I first saw Katharine's work on Craft Finder which showcases over 270 UK makers work across a range of disciplines.  

Katharine Morling's ceramic sculptural work is like nothing I've ever seen before, upon first inspection you could be forgiven for thinking they were made in some other material than porcelain.  The palette of black and white adds to the striking nature of the work, giving it an almost illustration-like quality.  Katharine studied at Falmouth University and set up studio in 2003 at Cockpit Arts in London.  In this wonderful interview with Katharine by D&AD she talks about her inspiration and how she creates these fantastic pieces.

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