Tuesday, 1 February 2011

More lovely blogs for your viewing pleasure!

See Saw
Bedlam of Beefy
Where the Lovely Things Are
Where the Lovely Things Are
Where the Lovely Things Are

I was on twitter the other day and saw much hoohah about Altsummit, a blog summit based in Salt Lake City. Altsummit is dedicated to the blogging world and many of the craft and design big hitters were there including Oh Joy, SFGirlbybay, Once Wed, Snippet & Ink, Designsponge, Creature Comforts and Sweet Paul - some of my favourite blogs to go to for inspiration . The aim of the summit is to help bloggers grow their site, learn more about funding their site and keeping it one step ahead of the rest. From the tweets I saw, it sounded like a resounding success and looked like a perfect place for meeting like-minded folk. Shame we don't have anything like that here. Or do we and I don't know about it?

Whilst looking at all things Altsummit, I came across Altsummit's list of up and coming blogs which is a bit of a dangerous thing - see, I already spend too much time lurking about on the interest looking at pretty pictures, and now there are even more reasons to waste time! I haven't visited every blog on the list yet, but a few I have visited before and are firm favourites and fully deserve their place on the list are Where The Lovely Things Are, Bedlam of Beefy and SeeSaw all of which I can heartily recommend. So make yourself a cuppa and get settled because you could be gazing at pretty pics for a while!

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