Saturday, 1 May 2010

Roadside Projects

I came across these lovely papercut designs today by Jayme of Roadside Projects and wanted to share them with you, in case you haven't seen this wonderful work before. If you fancy some of these lovely artworks to adorn your walls, then pop over to the Roadside Projects etsy store.

I really admire artists who create work that has its own unique style. Its something I've found hard to do, i think I spend so much time looking at the lovely work of other people that when I sit down to design or make something, it often seems to sub-consciously become a watered down (much less successful) version of other people's style. I think I need to spend more time creating and less time on the computer, maybe then I would develop my own unique style over time... that might be pretty tough - I love looking at the work of so many talented people on the 'net. Maybe, a late new years resolution.

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