Monday, 10 August 2009

Feelin' peckish (Sheffield City Guide)

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WasabiSabi and Sakushi both do fantastic japanese food.  Whenever we have an anniversary or special date, WasabiSabi is always our first port of call and it never lets us down!  With sashimi served on huge wooden boats which can be washed down with wasabi cocktails. Sakushi also now to home delivery - a tasty takeaway

Broomhill friery - Sean Bean's relatives own this place and he has been known to pop in for a chip or two.  Aside from that, this chippie has a good reputation for a reason -as a (very) regular customer I can vouch for the quality of the food! They even have their own appreciation society!

Urban Deli - OMG! Great Yorkshire themed food at very reasonable prices. A croque Monseiur fit for a king and a hot Pork Sandwich that will practically have you in tears its that nice!

Jaru - A chinese style fondue place where you cook your own food including, if you choose, frogs legs and crabs claws in a hot broth!

UK Mama - this is a (sometimes surreal) experience not to be missed.  Eat authentic African cuisine and be treated to to the sounds of African drumming at the same time.  Its worth going just to read the menu which, on last inspection, had been 'signed' by the likes of Madonna and Lennox Lewis and also by an African General who claims the food is 'as big as his titty!'  The decor is fantastic genuine 80's style and Godson the hospitable owner will keep you entertained.  I have some very fond memories of this place - just don't be in a hurry to get your food or be surprised if you are placed at a table downstairs, away from other diners, near the loos among a pile of old Amstrad style computers!!  I had one of the funniest dining experiences ever here!

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