Saturday, 10 January 2009


I found this great site the other day and think Im gonna have to try it out myself!  You can upload your own designs onto their website and Ponoko will make the item for you and ship it out to you.  There is a range of materials to choose from, including bamboo, metal and acrylic.  So if you haven't got the luxury of your own lazercutting machine, then this is the perfect alternative. Above are some examples on the site of items which are featured on the site.  Designers can also sell their finished work on Ponoko too.  The only downside that i can see is that the shipping is pretty dear for us Europeans as Ponoko are based in NZ and USA.  Time to get my thinking cap on and come up with some designs.  Its a great idea if you want to get something unique and personalised for a loved one too.


joanna-rutter said...

This is cool! I have access to a laser cutter, but it's broken at the moment. I really wanted to make some pieces in wood/leather..

Thanks for the link :)

tricia said...

I just recently discovered that site:) It is such a cool those images!


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