Thursday, 9 October 2008

Off on our jollies!

Bettyjoy and co. are off on our jollies to the grand ol' US of A to California and then Texas for a couple of weeks so there won't be any posting whilst we are away.  We will be busy having fun at the Broken Spoke (pic above from Spiffytumbleweed on flickr) amongst other things.  Hopefully we will have lots of fun pics to show you on our return (I have a feeling a lot of them might be of food like this and this).  I this I may come back virtually unrecognisable due to a significant weight gain as I am planning to make the most of the amazing food as possible).


gemma correll said...

i'm going to california in a week!! maybe i'll see you there :)
have fun! x

artycho said...

What a lovely blog you have! I wiil pup in again!

porter hovey said...

Ohhh!! What a fun trip. I'm sure the pictures are just going to be great!!! Wahoo!!


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