Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Invite only

My husband designed all our invites/menu/order of service etc for our wedding, including the tea towels we had printed as invites.  The idea for doing the invite as a tea towel came because we wanted something a bit tongue in cheek.  Chris saw a lot of the tacky memorabilia that was bought out to celebrate the wedding of  Prince WIlliam and Kate.  We  came across old tea towel designs from previous royal weddings and decided to do our own which Chris designed and then got digitally printed.

We had a rough colour scheme of yellow/white/grey and pink which we used in the printed materials.  The little bird pegs I made by cutting out bird images from an old bird book and gluing them onto wooden pegs.  I made lots of them for the wedding so guests could pin up their messages and pictures to us at the reception (we had a table with an old fashioned typewriter and an easel with pens and paints for people to type, write or draw messages for us.

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Nat at Made in Home said...

OMG these are SO cool! The idea of a tea towel is genius!


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